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Yes, you can speak to one of our experienced team members by calling 0207 112 9239
We ensure the approval process is as fast as possible and generally we will have your application agreed in principal within 24 hours.
No. Luxury Car Finance will finance a car purchased from any motor dealer and we even provide finance for you to buy privately or at Auction.
Our finance packages are renowned for their flexibility. Because of this you can settle an agreement at any time and take out a new one. (Excluding Contract Hire)
Not at all. The first step is to get a quotation from us. When you are happy with the package:
  1. We complete a financial proposal with your basic details (this takes 2-3 minutes)
  2. This is passed to underwriting, who make the final decision on accepting the proposal
  3. We contact the Dealership who will supply us the invoice and we prepared the paperwork for you to sign
  4. Once you have signed the balance will be paid
  5. You are now ready to drive your new vehicle